The anti Bride-zilla

The anti Bride-zilla

Bravo to common sense. Here’s an article that says that the current trend toward fairy-tale weddings is not all it’s cracked up to be. Apart from the couple profiled in the piece who were in an irregula relationship prior to their wedding, I think the same lessons apply to faithful Catholic couples.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Michael, you hit the nail on the head. Pride rears its ugly head. And you’re right, it isn’t always the bride and groom who are to blame.

    I love this point especially: “This is the occasion of my daughter’s/son’s wedding and I WILL NOT have a cheap wedding that will make me look like I cannot afford the best for my kids!” 
    And isn’t it usually the mom’s who are the ones saying, like they want to live their wedding days again vicariously through their daughters.

    Mmm, classic American consumerism.

  • These dollar amounts are staggering!

    My husband and I wed back when I was a freshman in college, and my main concerns were a) not flunking out b) not bankrupting my parents and c) getting it (the wedding) over with and getting (the marriage!) started.

    Our engagement lasted just long enough to complete the Pre-Cana course…the wedding took place at my parish church (within walking distance) and the reception was in my folks’ backyard. And it was fun!

    And I assure you, if my folks spent over a grand on the reception, I’d be amazed.

    I mean…how much can a few kegs o’ beer, some ham, salads, and a cake cost?

  • Now that sounds like my idea of reception. Actually, ideally I would like to have a lobster/clambake near (but not on) the beach (too sandy!). Rent a tent, do my own DJ thing with MP3s and a preprogrammed iPod, and I’ll even do the cooking. Save a fortune and still have fun!

  • Jen,

    I wish you not just a wedding like mine…but a marriage like it!

    It lasted only 13 years (my husband—his name is Bill Clark if you’d like to pray for him and please do!) died at the age o’ 40.

    Still, it was a great marriage to a great guy!

    Kelly <——-trying to visualize Dom being the DJ at his own wedding and having problems wink