That’s why he was the cool priest

That’s why he was the cool priest

A 40-year-old Ohio priest was arrested for growing marijuana in the rectory. His unemployed 24-year-old housemate was also arrested. “Dude, where’s my sacraments?”

Those must have been some good homilies that priest was preaching. On the one hand, you might ask how people couldn’t notice he was high, but then given the state of homiletics in general, they were probably more entertaining than your average homilies. The Twinkie eating in the middle would be distracting though.

But there were warning signs: “[Father] Arko, who is also a yogi, has brought new parishioners to the church through Sacred Ground Yoga.”

You can’t make this stuff up. It satirizes itself.

  • Does anyone else but me find “Opiate for the Masses” strangely hilarious? I mean, read the rest of the article, and it that phrase (book) takes on even more meaning!  Seems Fr Arko wasn’t the only one indulging…everyone just seems so nice! (cough*cough)