That pesky conservatism

That pesky conservatism

Everything you need to know about this article about Sydney, Australia’s Cardinal Pell is found in the headline: “Pell’s conservatism adds fuel to the fire of Catholic disharmony.”

See, it’s “conservatism” that’s always the problem. If it wasn’t that pesky desire to live the Catholic faith as it is, everyone would get along so much better, wouldn’t they? Why doesn’t the headline say, “Parishioners’ liberalism adds fuel to the fire …”?

Apparently, op-ed writer Paul Collins’ problems with Pell are: (1) Pell is founding too many Catholic colleges: “That will mean four Catholic universities in greater Sydney, which is surely enough for anyone.” Does he have a problem with Catholic higher education? Or is it that the new colleges founded by Pell offer an orthodox education, in contrast to the already existing colleges.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli