Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

Why is it when a priest or bishop retires for some malfeasance his successor never has the good taste to simply not mention him at all, but instead lauds him for his service. Cardinal Law did it with notorious perverts, Archbishop Dolan did it with Weakland, and now Archbishop Sheehan does it for O’Brien.

On behalf of the Church, I thank Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien for his service. He has been a dear friend and a brother bishop. Under his leadership, the diocese has grown. And now we pray for him in his time of darkness.

Leadership, huh? Some victims of abuse in the diocese might dispute whether his leadership was a good thing. And like Grahmann in Dallas, who took credit for his diocese’s growth, it doesn’t take a lot of leadership to have tens of thousands of Catholics move into your neighborhood. It’s not like he personally requested Mexicans to cross the border and “snowbirds” to move down from the great white north.

By the way, wasn’t it Archbishop Sheehan who was the rector of the Dallas seminary that ignored warnings about Rudy Kos and let him in? (Kos’ subsequent predations led to the largest singly civil judgment against a diocese ever.)