Terri’s law overturned

Terri’s law overturned

The Florida Supreme Court has overturned Terri’s Law, clearing the way for Michael Schiavo to finally have his wife killed so he can go on with his life.

Evidently, the court has decided that it is more important to prevent the uppity legislature and governor from second-guessing judges. God forbid that the elected representatives of the people actually have a say in how they are governed. The court upholds the idea that the judicial system is the check on the legislative and executive branches, but where is the check and balance on the courts?

It’s a scary day when you realize that on a judge’s order an innocent person can be ordered to be killed simply because that person isn’t capable of objecting for herself. Where has freedom gone? It’s a sad day for both Terri and our Constitution. (Meanwhile you have the civil libertarians howling about how the Patriot Act takes away terrorists’ rights. A weird world.)

  • Gee. Black-robed lawyers upholding the power of black-robed lawyers. What a shocker.

    One check and balance on the courts is impeachment and removal from office. Another is the executive ignoring a blatantly unconstitutional or manifestly unjust judicial decision.

    Unfortunately, legislators and chief executives have no guts to do what they should. And we keep electing the same bozos over and over again.

  • So in the court has ruled that a “vested” law cannot be overturned by popular will (as in by the elected legislature of Florida) and that this “law” must be upheld in spite of the fact that it is obviously wrong.

    This is very, very bad. What do we need – an amendment to the US Constitution defining what “alive” means?????


  • I am so very sorry to learn of this grave act of injustice against a beautiful and precious human life.

  • If this is implemented, it will be yet another judgment pronounced against our nation in the Heavenly court.  Shame on us all.

    Shame especially on those racists who are bellicose against the Muslim threat, but pacifist against the terrorists who run our country.  The Muslims have killed about 4,000 of us since 2001.  Those who run our country have killed over 3 million since 2001.  What is it about White terrorists in black robes that fails to inspire the same gutteral anger as brown terrorists in white cloth? 

    If protecting American lives was the goal of this war, our Army would be in Washington, not Baghdad.  Instead, this war is to preserve our dying and unsustainable American lifestyle.  Every day the screams of the 4,000 babies being murdered daily by that “lifestyle” drive home this point.  If you can’t hear those screams, you’re spiritually deaf.

  • Hi, I am sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say.  Who are the racists?  Didn’t the Supreme court rule it was legal to kill children of all races? 

    And who are the pacifists?  Aren’t they usually people who don’t speak up or condemn anything but poverty, war and the victimization of women?