Terri’s being denied Viaticum

Terri’s being denied Viaticum

Canonist Pete Vere asks whether Terri Schiavo will again be denied Communion before her death. Actually, it’s not a question anymore. Judge Greer has specifically ordered that Terri may only be given the Eucharist as Viaticum through her feeding tube, not by mouth. Of course, by that time, the feeding tube will have been removed and thus obeying the order while granting Terri the solace of the sacraments of the Church will be impossible.

Want to know the really sick part of this denial of Terri’s civil and religious rights? The reason she is being denied is not medical or legal. It is simply so that Michael Schiavo and his lawyer George Felos can continue to claim that Terri is not able to receive any nutrition orally and thus she should be starved to death.

Not only is Terri being deprived of her life, but she is also being denied the comfort of her faith and of receiving her Eucharistic Lord at the end of her life. Satan and his minions are working overtime against her.

So while plenty of Catholics, including some bishops, whine and moan about denying Communion for pro-abortion CINO politicians or the Rainbow Sash Movement, there’s nary a peep from those same people on Terri’s behalf. Where’s the idignant talk about denying someone’s basic rights as a Catholic now?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli