Terri Schiavo’s life on the line again

Terri Schiavo’s life on the line again

Fr. Rob reports that Michael Schiavo may remove Terri’s feeding tube as early as next Tuesday. How many times have we come this close to her death, or even closer with the tube removed for several days, before she was saved a for a little longer by a miracle. Terri’s parents are still fighting, still trying to find a way to save their daughter, even as legal avenue after legal avenue closes. Should it be so hard to prevent a living, breathing innocent person from being put to death?

I was telling Melanie the other night that if she were in Terri’s position and I was in Terri’s parents’ place, I’m not sure I would be so patient as they have been. I would have hired mercenaries to storm the nursing home and spirit her away. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see someone trying to kill your loved one and having the System help him do it.

  • Ive been saying for ages that they need to just quietly put her on a plane for Malta. They don’t like guys like Michael in Malta. There, it is still considered not quite the done thing to live in adulterous relationships while you abuse the legal system to attempt to murder your lawful wife. And they have recently adjusted their refugee claimant laws to allow people to apply for work in a reasonable time after landing.

  • Interesting moral quandary: wouldn’t that be vigilantism?  I am not saying it is, I am just asking.

    I pray I will never be put in that position and I pray that Mr Schiavo open his heart to the Spirit and repent.  That would be the best ending to this big story.

  • I totally see your point, Dom.  I was just wondering, since Terry’s parents have not done it and are being supported by very capable advisors, why haven’t they?  In other words, what is the opposite argument, beside fear?  There must be one, me thinks.

  • It’s one thing for me to say it, it’s another to do it.

    For one thing, you don’t want to announce you’re going to do it. You will have to disappear after because you’ll be an international fugitive. There is the expense. The Schindlers are not wealthy people. Plus I would think they’d want to exhaust every other possibility.

  • Good heavens, what is this country coming to when we discuss, more than half-seriously, moving Terri Schiavo out of the country?  Our judicial system is bankrupt.  We need to pray for Terri and her husband, as well as for the judiciary.

  • Can good people just stand by and let this happen should be the question.  Aren’t we supposed to oppose unjust laws?

    There will be police at the Hospice to prevent any abduction, I assume.  Or they will be called if any such attempt is made.  I don’t even know how much time her parents will be allowed to spend with her during her (third) ordeal. 

    It’s beyond thinking about —two years ago, I was wrung out over thinking about her dying this way and now it begins again. 

    There has to be a special place in hell awaiting Michael Schiavo if he doesn’t repent.