Tattoo tribute to heroic SEAL

Tattoo tribute to heroic SEAL

Like Michael Fumento, I’m not usually a fan of tattoos or body art. I had some friends when I was younger who had all kinds of tatts and later regretted all of them. That said, I agree with Fumento that this is very cool.Awesome tattoo tribute to deceased SEAL Mike Monsoor

As a rule I find tattoos and body-piercing (ears on women aside) to be ugly. But this is pretty darned impressive.

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Incidentally “This was the guy that Michael saved - the one he received a medal for, I think it was about a year ago,” Mike’s sister Patty wrote me. “Anyway, he said when Michael picked him up after he was shot and lying in the middle of gun fire this is the vision he saw and looked to find a tattoo artist to copy his vision and get the wings perfect. He had this tattoo on his body as a tribute to Michael saving his life and the guarding angel he felt was there with them.”

This had nothing to do with the incident that took Monsoor’s life and made him a candidate for the Medal of Honor, when he threw himself on a grenade to save three more lives.

So to be clear, Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael Monsoor was a US Navy SEAL who died on September 29, 2006 in the second incident mentioned above. The Pentagon is reviewing the recommendation that he be awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Melanie was at first put off by the image of St. Michael as a gun-toting Special Ops warrior, but then I said it was no different from depictions of St. Michael centuries ago with armor and a sword. Those weapons at the time were no more out of place than an M-4 Carbine is here.

Plus there’s something comforting about the image of St. Michael kicking down a door and rousting Ole Scratch from his hidey hole in some mountain fastness where he’s gone to ground. Heh.

(Here’s more information about Monsoor’s heroic act.)

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