Talk to the governor

Talk to the governor

Massachusetts’ new governor, Deval Patrick, apparently thinks that the official state web site isn’t enough for him, so his campaign apparatus has set up, which is billed as his “official web site”. Apparently it gives his political people a place to do the type of politicking and image management you can’t do on a public-funded site.

One feature of the site is place to vote for which issues you think should get the governor’s focus. Participants can propose an issue and then anyone else can vote on it, although you do have to be a registered voter in Massachusetts. Predictably, most of the policy issues currently listed are either reliably liberal or just plain off-the-wall wacky (e.g. “9/11 Truth” demanding the conspiracy be unmasked).

However, conservatives have managed to get their voice heard. While a demand for gay marriage is number one right now, a counter-proposal calling for traditional marriage (or more accurately, demanding that the people be allowed to vote on protecting traditional marriage) is rising fast.

So, if you’re a voter in Massachusetts, go to the site, register, and let your voice be heard. Other issues I’ve voted for are “Roll back the income tax to 5%” and “no more gun control in Massachusetts”.

I’m under no illusion Patrick is going to do what we say even if our voices are dominant on this web site, but we can make our voices hear regardless.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli