Tale of two suspended priests

Tale of two suspended priests

This Arizona newspaper looks at the interesting tale of two priests in the Phoenix diocese who have been suspended, albeit for different reasons. I do have to wonder up front whether the Arizona Republic is just looking for something to write about or whether there really is a story here.

In any case, it’s about Msgr. Dale Fushek, the founder of Life Teen and diocesan chancellor who was recently suspended after a strange allegation that he was in the room 20 years ago when a seminarian sodomized a boy. On the other side, it’s Fr. John Cunningham, a well-known liberal suspended recently for monkey business with the Mass and allegations of financial improprieties.

The only connection so far seems to be that Cunningham’s brother is a lawyer who represented a guy who settled out of court on an old abuse claim against Fushek.

  • With all due respect, Dom, there’s another piece that you missed in the Arizona Republic article—the most recent “repressed memory” allegation against Msgr. Fushek came from a “patient” being counselled by another Cunninham relative.

    “The Cunningham family also has ties to the latest allegation against Fushek. The man who brought the repressed memory case against Fushek was being counseled at the time by Cunningham’s niece, Sheila Howe. “

    We all know there’s a whole lot of suspicion about “repressed memory,” and it’s made to look even more shaky when memories are recovered by someone whilst being counselled by your arch-enemy’s niece.

  • Why was he being counseled by his arch enemy’s niece, one tends to wonder.  Of course if she is married, he may not have known, but if he knew, why didn’t he seek a different counselor? 

    It’s starting to sound as though he has been framed.

  • “The mplicit acknowledgement of having done what they were accused of so many years ago.

    Do you believe in Satan?  I do.

  • Liars seem to abound in the Flynn/McCarrcick cohort (age-class of Bishops).

    More reason to push hard on a REAL translation of the Mass—and for the beatification of Tomas de Torquemada!!

  • “Ita letter to the Cardinal and ask him if Archbishop Flynn’s statements represented the reality. The cardinal’s reply:

    Dear Ms. Kralis, His Eminence, Francis Cardinal Arinze, asks me to thank you for your communication regarding a news release from the “Catholic News Service” dated December 14, 2004. It concerns the Cardinal’s private discussion with the Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis, His Excellency Archbishop Harry J. Flynn.

    “Cardinal Arinze wants you to know that the report was not exact and does not show his stand. He has written Archbishop Flynn about it.

    “Rainbow Sash wearers, the Cardinal says, are showing their opposition to Church teaching on a major issue of natural law and so disqualify themselves from being given Holy Communion.”

    That’s not just a difference in emphasis, that is a complete contradiction. How can Archbishop Flynn explain this? Is Cardinal Arinze lying?

    The wonderful about modern communications is that we no longer just have to accept what people say on the face of it, but we can go right to the source and get clarity. Unfortunately, the US hierarchy seems to be slow to catch on to this new reality.


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    It’s interesting also that not too long ago Archbishop Flynn wrote a column to repsond to a previous column by Mrs. Kralis.  It was his very clear attempt to smear her reputation (since she is relatively unknown outside of the “in the know” orthodox catholic circle).

    So the fight continues and, while Mrs. Kralis gives us evidence and facts, the good Archbishop seems to respond only with slander and now, apparently, lies.

    God Bless the Pope!