Tale of two movies

Tale of two movies

So much of the media is comparing Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” to “The Passion of The Christ” in an attempt to puff up the former as tapping into the same sort of popular groundswell, as if it virulent anti-Bushism were bubbling under the surface in America, waiting for this movie to make it erupt. In order for this comparison of the two movies to be effective, the media has to portray “F911” as controversial and grassroots, going against the stream, not supported by the liberal and powerful mainstream, just like “TPOTC”. But that attempt won’t work because the same critics who trashed “The Passion” as obscene and disgusting were the same ones defending “F911” as some great and courageous work of cinema.

Jeff of the Beautiful Atrocities blog has compiled a list of movie critics, showing comparative quotes from their reviews of 9/11 and Passion, and how the absolutely trashed the latter while praising the former to the skies. Perhaps if Gibson had replaced Jesus with Saddam and Pilate with Bush, he would have received the same unwarranted praise that Moore in now receiving.

  • Andrew Sullivan (the man who cannot survive without sodomy), writing in Time Magazine, tells us that the two movies are of the same exact sort.

    Folks, this is just evil at sway in our society – to compare the Passion of Christ, lovingly told, to the work of a cheap political hack – it’s abominable.  I canceled my subcription to Time yesterday, and should have done so a long time ago.

    Our society is becoming ever more hostile to Christ. 

  • Let not your hearts be troubled. F911 had one tenth the popularity of The Passion on its opening weekend and its box office receipts are dropping fast. This is another axample of how totally divorced from reality the handful of elites in NY and LA are at this point.

    And do not forget it is the same “elites” that tell us the abortion party will win in November.


  • Peace, all.

    I’ll just get on board and say I like both films. The only thing they share that I see is the polarization of opinion over them.