Taking religion out of the box

Taking religion out of the box

George Neumayr at the American Spectator examines John Kerry’s ability to turn his Catholicism on and off like a water tap. Kerry claims that there is no place for religion in politics. Actually, what he means is that it has no place unless it can advance his liberal agenda.

Kerry turns his Catholicism on and off like a tap, depending on the political need of the moment. When abortion is discussed, his faith is a private matter; when minimum wage comes up, his faith is suddenly public again as he tries to shoehorn his liberal version of Catholicism into the agenda of the Democratic Party. The most stark example of this tactic was Kerry’s urging Americans to read the U.S. bishops’ pastoral letter on the economy, an amateur-hour attack on Reaganomics by liberal bishops in the 1980s. “The bishops’ pastoral letter is an important document which should be read by Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” he said on the Senate floor before placing the letter in the Congressional Record.

Other examples are given as well. Evidently John Kerry likes to bring his faith out of the lockbox when he can use it as a political weapon.

  • Of course, Neumayr is right.  Not only does Kerry not really believe what the Church teaches – he’s USING the Church (and therefore us) for political benefit.  We’re bein’ used………….