Welcome in LA, not elsewhere

Welcome in LA, not elsewhere

  • I read this commentary this morning, and wondered why Townhall published it.

    What he is doing is arguing for term limits for “the U.S. House and Senate, and for the Supreme Court” and, in fact, for “More legislatures. More executives. More judicial positions. Perhaps more bureaucratic positions, too.”

    Unfortunately, he foolishly starts this commentary by presenting papal term limits, which he doesn’t necessarily support. Huh?  If he wasn’t arguing for papal term limits then why bring it up in the first place? Very confusing. Very dumb.

  • + Whew! I scratched my head on that one, searching for logic—or even a point. I think we writers have our off moments. I think that would be definitely be a low point for him. Let’s hope it’s all better after this. In golf, I believe it’s your scratch shot.

  • Its just a case of a “Superior Being” feeding the chooks!!!
    They are everywhere in the MSN. Did you not know that everyone there is “more Catholic than the Pope” and they have a right to spell out what is best for the Church since all Catholics especially faithful ones,  and the Pope in particular are “mental defectives”?