Support a conservative candidate

Support a conservative candidate

For any of you in the DC area, I have a special message for you. My friend Jeff Fortenberry, who is running as the Republican candidate for the Congressional seat in Nebraska’s 1st District, will have a fundraising event on September 14. I can’t be there, but maybe some of you can be. To recap, Jeff would be a great conservative representative in Congress. I can vouch for Jeff as a man who has the highest personal integrity. We need men like him in Congress.

Update: I’ve had to edit this entry because of changing circumstances. If you want to know about the event listed above, email me privately.

  • Thanks for posting this, I grew up in NE, and was active in politics in my younger days. He looks like a lock, NE has been sending repubs to the house for quite a while now. And only ONE of the major party primary candidates was pro-choice! Going pro-choice basically killed the dems in NE.

  • Here in Kansas, we are blessed to have Senator Sam Brownback, R-KS, a fairly recent convert to Catholocism and a staunch pro-life advocate.  When in town, he arrives early for the 7:30am Mass at Christ The King and maintains a prayerful attitude from the time of his arrival.  And no entourage!

  • Jeff Fortenberry! A Louisiana guy! He’s a friend! I’m so excited that he’s getting into politics. Man, do we ever need him in Congress. Where’s my checkbook…

  • Tell him to do something about the low end low paying jobs that are in the south. Yes, Nebraska, but if you are in there—you can say more and do more.

    Otherwise don’t bother. Pro-life means jobs that pay so families can seriously earn a living wage more than $15 an hour WITH INSURANCE.

  • No, pro-life means first and foremost protecting the most innocent among us from being killed in the womb, and then it means protecting the sick and elderly from being disposed of through euthanasia.

    Wages and jobs falls under economic policy and social justice. As for that, I wonder why everyone always thinks it’s up to the government to get them better jobs. There are plenty of jobs paying enough to live on. It’s up to the individual to get the training necessary to qualify for the job. It is not government’s job to tell employers that they’re not paying enough.

    Can you imagine what a hamburger would cost if Congress mandated McDonald’s must pay every employee $15 per hour plus insurance?

    Oh and $15/hour may cut it in Florida, but it doesn’t cut it in the big cities. They’d have to pay even more. Don’t you think there are low paying jobs in the north?

  • I cannot for the life of me believe how heartless this sounds.

    The government doesn’t need to tell them. THEY ARE NOT PAYING ENOUGH.

    DON’T TELL PEOPLE TO “vote pro life” when that mother and usually single at that cannot make it and provide for her family on min wage jobs. YOU will play right into Planned Parenthood’s alley. Because that is where they go because we lack compassion on them. We need to give them more than food stamps and a pat on the back.

  • How heartless would it be when the government mandates McDonald’s (and every other corporation) pay a minimum wageof $15 plus insurance and so they end up cutting 15,000 jobs because they can’t afford to pay it?

    You’re right, WE need to give more than food stamps and a pat on the back. But the WE is not the government. True charity does not come from faceless tax payments. It comes from individuals and churches stepping up to the plate. When was the last time your church (or my church) held vocational training classes for people low-paying jobs? When was the last time someone in the parish adopted a single mom with a crisis pregnancy? When was the last time a family on the verge of being homeless was helped out by donations from the parish?

    Government handouts are not charity in the biblical sense of the word. Charity comes from individuals out of their free will and compassion.

    As for government-mandated minimum wages, rather than imposing burdens on companies that will cause them to cut jobs and contract, why not grow the economy so that companies create more and better jobs? Your minimum living wage provides a short-term solution that fails in the long run. Growing the economy provides a long-term solution.

  • Why $8 or $9? Why not $15? Why not $25 or $30? Under what constitutional principle should the government get to walk into your front door and order you to pay a minimum amount for something? That’s what they’re doing to business owners. It’s as if they told you that you could no longer pay $2 for a gallon of milk, but that since farmers need a living wage, we now need to pay $10 per gallon. Is that okay? Isn’t that just for the farmer? Oh sure, some people wouldn’t be able to afford to provide milk to their kids, but so what? That’s what farmers deserve.

    Of course, sales of milk will go down because people won’t buy it at that price. I guess we’ll have to have a new law that requires people to buy a gallon of milk per week, whether they want or need it. See, that’s just. After all, farmers need to make a living wage.

    Do you see how ridiculous this quickly gets? Your call for a minimum “living” wage only takes one variable into account: the need of the employee. But it presumes that it won’t affect any behavior, a violation of the basic principles of economics. Employers will hire fewer workers and raise prices. Fewer goods and services will get sold. Recession hits. More people are out of work, and so on.

    Sorry, I don’t care how you many times you repeat yourself without offering any logical reasons, I’m not going to agree that a minimum wage mandated by government is either just or prudent.