Suffering from life

Suffering from life

First they said we needed to allow euthanasia to allow terminally ill, mentally competent people suffering unbearable to “die with dignity.” Then they said we should not restrict such “mercy” to adults, and that children as young as 13 should be killed. Then it was infants and other people who were not able to speak for themselves that others decided needed to die. Now Dutch death groups say people who aren’t even dying to should be allowed to ask their doctors to kill them.

They use the euphemism “suffering from life” to describe people who are hopeless and can’t bear living anymore. In the Dark Ages, we called it mental illness or simply need for a relationship with God and offered help in dealing with it. But it in the Age of Enlightenment, we hand people over to the horrors of their minds and off them. What is this other than state-sanctioned murder by request?

And does anyone think this will end here? The logical progression says that soon we’ll be able to request the “mercy killing” of someone else who we claim is “suffering from life” but obviously doesn’t know it themselves. I see a new legitimate business for the Mob.

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  • The pernicious part of this lie is that there is some truth to it. We do suffer in life. Secularism does not know how to deal with suffering other than to say that it shouldn’t be let’s rid you of it, even if it means killing you. The answer lies in the mystery of the Cross, but this is foolishness and a stumbling block. Our world is desperate for the Gospel. The need is great indeed, but alas the workers are few 🙁