Stupid protests

Stupid protests

Of all the stupid things to protest, a group of women are going to protest in Atlanta because they can’t have their feet washed on Holy Thursday.

The Church’s liturgical discipline calls for viri, a Latin word that specifically means “men” to be the ones to receive foot washing, because they represent the apostles. That’s important because part of the Church’s explanation of why ordination is reserved to men is that Jesus only chose men to be apostles, and thus Christ’s calling has become the primary example for us to follow. Holy Thursday is about the institution of the priesthood. And because most parishes don’t have 12 priests assigned, other men must be brought to represent the priesthood. So what this protest is really about is women’s ordination, once again.

“We’ll stand in solidarity, and we’ll sing and we’ll pray,” said Lalor Cadley, a Catholic who runs spiritual retreats and workshops but does not work for the archdiocese.

I can’t imagine how good her retreats must be.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli