Studies show “safe environment” programs don’t work

Studies show “safe environment” programs don’t work

The Catholic Medical Association agrees with me that “safe environment sex education” programs like Talking about Touching are ineffective and possibly dangerous and should be abandoned by dioceses that have implemented them. I’ve been saying this about Talking about Touching since it was first proposed three years ago.

These programs were supposed to be a panacea “empowering” children, when in reality they stripped children of their innocence, made them their own front-line defense against predators, and treated them like potential witnesses for the prosecution. They also effectively let dioceses off the hook by giving them something to point at when asked about the Scandal and, to top it off, often supplanted religious education programs, leaving our children even less catechized than before.

The Catholic Medical Association, the CMA, had engaged a task force of physicians who specialize in the care of children to examine sexual abuse of children and adolescents, its causes and the effectiveness of popular prevention programs used in schools. The experts were asked to suggest “interventions for the prevention of sexual abuse, based upon scientific principles of child neurobiological and moral development. …”

The task force findings echoed the concerns of thousands of parents, that the programs in use had “the potential … to traumatize the child by introducing false and negative concepts concerning the meaning and dignity of human sexual relatedness and the potential to produce distrust for trustworthy parents.”

These parental cries of protest reached the Vatican, where the Pontifical Council for the Family logged pleas and petitions asking the Council to address the issue of so-called “safety education” programs used in their schools for the prevention of sexual abuse. The Congregations for Bishops, Clergy and the Doctrine of the Faith urged the CMA to continue with the work of their task force.

Absence of morality

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Domenico Bettinelli