Strong leadership from a cardinal

Strong leadership from a cardinal

Showing that you can expect strong leadership from a Catholic bishop, Nigerian Cardinal Anthony Okogie has ordered his priests to send away anyone not properly dessed for Mass. The article says he’s particularly concerned about women dressed in revealing clothes for fashions’ sake. He also asked the Catholic Women Organization to help him in the war against immodesty. I love this quote:

He therefore ordered the CWO to “say no to spaghetti sleeves, horrible slits, leggings, micro/mini skirts etc. Women should always cover their hair to church and use our Mother Mary as their role model.”

It’s interesting to see a bishop who’s not afraid of being politically incorrect or potentially offending someone, but who apparently retains enough moral authority to be straightforward and blunt in his assessment of what people need to do.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli