Stop it!!

Stop it!!

Please allow me a quick personal rant: What kind of sick jerk gives an under-ten-year-old kid a whistle to play with?! I’m in my office trying to work and one of the day care kids next door has been blowing his stupid little whistle all day long for the past two days! I want to go over there and slap him silly (or the adult who gave it to him.)

At this point I’d even prefer they go back to them crying every 15 minutes like they normally do. At least I’ve learned to tune that out.

Thank you for allowing me to rant.

  • It would be one thing if it were a traditional day care business, but it’s my neighbor, who has five kids of her own, watching a bunch of other people’s kids. And I get the sense that it’s not exactly legal.

  • As for the mandatory reporting thing, I was told at the training that the legal obligation is only for when we are engaged in the mandated activity, i.e. doing church stuff. We are not 24/7 mandated reporters like teachers and cops. Plus, I don’t know if it’s illegal or not.

    Everyone in New England named Bettineli is related to us. I would think that’s the anniversary for my aunt Annette. She died about 11 years ago, I guess.