State favoring Islam over other religions

State favoring Islam over other religions

To hear many liberal activists, the zealously patrolled separation of church and state is all that saves us from a Christian theocracy right out of The Handmaid’s Tale. Imagine if a public college were to set aside space for a Nativity scene? The howls of outrage would echo from the halls of the nearest courthouse as the lawsuit would be filed before the last camel was put in place.

Yet, we hear nary a peep when special favors are granted for Muslims, including spending money for special accommodations to assist religious rituals.

For example, last year administrators at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College banned a coffee cart operator from playing music “tied to Christmas,” but approved the use of tax dollars to install special basins for Wudu so that Muslims could ritually wash their feet before prayer. College President Phil Davis defended this glaring double standard by absurdly insisting that “the foot-washing facilities are not about religion, they are about customer service and public safety.”

I don’t suppose I would have a big problem with this (although I would have a smaller problem with such government waste of taxpayer funds), if only Christianity were treated fairly. Instead, Islam is given special treatment, ironically because of a perceived backlash against the religion because of the terroristic acts by Muslim fanatics. If a misguided Christian pro-lifer shoots up an abortion clinic—in clear violation of everything it means to be a Christian—all pro-life Christians are quickly tarred as potential murderers. But if a Muslim flies a plane into a building, we don’t just reject any attempt to smear all Muslims—as we should—but we go to great lengths to give them special treatment.

Is this fair? No. But it’s certainly CAIR.

Many college officials are granting prerogatives to Muslim students in the United States and Canada that are not permitted to other groups. For instance, the Ontario Human Rights Commission regards failure to make special accommodations for Muslim students, including inserting “Islamic perspectives” into secular curriculums like nursing and finance, as a form of “Islamophobia.” Expect similar political correct demands soon on American campuses.

One of the aims of the 9/11 terrorists was to ensure that Islamism became the predominant religion all over the world and that all other religions be stamped out through oppression. Glad to see us making sure their unrealized dreams come true.

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  • This afternoon in the elevator of my apartment building near a major medical school, I overheard a mother chastise her 20-something daughter for not converting more people to Islam. I had never heard anything like this before; you don’t hear too much about Muslims actively “witnessing” to get people to convert.

  • I sent an email to my representatives in MN and received basically the same reply: 1. MCTC has assured that this in no way is preferential treatment of one religion over another; 2. Muslim students washing their feet, as they currently do, in the bathroom sinks has become a health hazard and at least one injury has been sustained (presumably by someone losing their balance and falling); 3. Christians need to keep in mind all of the accomodations the nation makes for them, i.e. Christmas is a national holiday and Sunday is usually a day off from work.

    I am still working on my rebuttal to them, hoping not to emulate their own condescension, especially in regards to their last point.