Spring 2005 Pledge Drive: Day 5

Spring 2005 Pledge Drive: Day 5

I forgot to put up a pledge drive reminder yesterday, and boy, did I notice the difference, Heh, heh. However a few people did remember and sent donations and I thank them for that. [What’s this pledge drive about?]

I’ll only continue the drive for a few more days and then that’s it, so act now before it’s too late! (He says in his announcer voice.)

Once again, any amount is appreciated, although the average donation seems to be about $20, in case you’re looking for a guideline. Yet, even if you can only give $5, then that $5 is greatly appreciated. Every gift allows me to continue to spend the copious amounts of time and money on this site that I do. It won’t let me quit my job, but at least it can help pay for the cost of keeping it running.

I’m sometimes asked for a postal address because the sender is uncomfortable with PayPal. That’s fine with me, since PayPal takes a little chunk from every transaction. You can mail your donation to:

Domenico Bettinelli
35 Collins St, #31
Danvers, MA 01923

Thank you all once again.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli