Spot the error

Spot the error

Here’s some more interactive fun for you. Can you tell me what’s wrong with this article in this past Sunday’s Boston Herald about the ordination of eight men to the priesthood on Saturday? What’s even more amazing is that the error has not been fixed two days later.

Now, pay attention and use your observational powers….

  • Aha!  Something of an oversight, indeed.  Perhaps they have an inside source of whom we know nothing, a “Deepthroat.” :-}

  • I sent them an email on Sunday pointing out the error and no one’s done a darned thing.

  • I felt some hope as I saw the younger priests get ordained. Not that I know a thing about them. But they HAVE to be better than the priests who were formed in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

  • You know I wondered about that…when I didn’t hear too much about him at the conclave…are there many archbishops without the read ha??

  • Perhaps the Herald knows that the archbishop is a cardinal in pectore and we don’t.

    (Just to preempt the obvious reply—I know that the cardinal in pectore was not identified by Pope John Paul II before his death which means that he will not be named or otherwise receive the red hat unless it is by the act of the present or a future Pope)

  • They must have fixed it before I got there.  I thought the “mistake” was the choice of wording in encouraging “special relationships with your brother priests.” Personally, I’ve seen enough “special relationships” to last me awhile.

  • Ms. Szaniszlo isn’t so hot at math, either.  The “more than a quarter” of parishes now being closed isn’t true.

    If the current plan closes 70 of 357 parishes, that’s about 19.6%.  This is not only nowhere near being more than 1/4, it’s not even quite 1/5.  With 5 new parishes being added, the net loss is about 18.2%, which is closer to 1/6 than 1/5.

    Maybe she mistakenly believes that since 5 is greater than 4, a fifth has to be greater than a quarter.

  • Karen,

    Nope, it’s still not fixed. The headline still says “Cardinal ordains …” When I saw that I thought Cardinal Law had come back to town for the ordinations. Now that would be a big story.