Special rights and privileges

Special rights and privileges

The fundraising flacks in the Dallas diocese invited D Magazine publisher Wick Allison to contribute to the annual Appeal. He was invited to give $1,200 and given a reason why:

These individuals are accorded special rights as specified by the Bishop [note: when it comes to meting out “rights,” there is suddenly only one bishop]. One privilege is receiving a special invitation to the Bishop’s Guild Dinner held annually in August.

Wick wonders what those “rights” and “privileges” might be. (By the way, I disagree with his contention that the local community must be consulted before a bishop is appointed.) Later on, he prints an email response he got from a reader:

Do you mean to tell me that the Bishop is offering special access to top contributors? What about all that blatherskite from Grahmann supporters complaining that the Committee of Concerned Catholics are just a bunch of spoiled Richie Riches who think their opinion should count more than Pearly Mae Pewsitter’s? Hells bells, you’ve got it straight from the chancery that as far as Grahmann and Galante are concerned, the well-off do merit more access.

Oops, is that inconsistency coming from a bishop’s office? I guess that rich people only merit special access if they’re lock-step supporters of the bishop and their opinions don’t count if they’re not.

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  • Hi Dom,

    Did you know that we had a “Massachusetts Governorpresto!—they have their 10 percent. And now the schools are actively assisting this indoctrination.

    Of course, you could never do this with religion in schools, right?


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    Your last point is just uneducated BS. The world is not overpopulated. The entire population of the world could fit in the state of Texas with each family having a modest size home. It’s simple math: Divide six billion by the land area of Texas. The world has a resource allocation problem, not an overpopulation problem.

    As for your other point: that’s also BS. When was the last time the government sent out “religious” hit squads? Your statement implies that Christians want to kill homosexuals. No, we don’t, but we also certainly don’t want to promote their lifestyle.

    And again, you resort to lazy rhetoric by trying to imply that I’m gay. You’re just a jerk who can’t argue his point so you resort to name-calling. I have no doubt about my heterosexuality. Just because I think homosexuality is immoral and dangerous to those who live it, doesn’t make me one.