Speaking of babies…

Speaking of babies…

I know many of you have been waiting for this since the wedding in August, and so it can finally be told: Melanie is pregnant! And yes it is a honeymoon baby.

We’re very excited and happy, of course, but we’d appreciate your prayers. Melanie is suffering morning sickness, except it’s not morning sickness, it’s all-day, 24/7 morning sickness. It’s not just “bad, but well gut it out” sickness. Today the doctor prescribed anti-nausea medication so that she can keep fluids down (never mind food!) and won’t dehydrate. She’s going to be fine, but it’s hard on her. Now you know why I haven’t been blogging much during the day. In addition to editing Catholic World Report and coordinating religious education at my parish, I’m also taking care of Melanie, cooking for her and getting her water (since she can’t open the fridge without gagging) and doing housework and all that. But I say it’s good training for when the baby comes!

Obviously, we’ve known for sometime, but Melanie said, “Can you wait to put it on the blog?” We’ve told family and friends, but we just wanted to wait before telling the whole wide world. We hope you all understand.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli