Soon no longer the “Democratic Party at prayer”?

Soon no longer the “Democratic Party at prayer”?

Austin Ruse says on National Review Online today that the Kerry candidacy is God’s gift to the Catholic Church in the US. No really. Let him explain why:

A bad Catholic running for president has brought into high relief the internal contradictions of the USCCB Lefties who support pro-abortion Democrats who happen to be good on gun control.

The topic is the now-defunct presidential questionnaire from the US bishops’ conference. Every four years the USCCB sends the questionnaire to the two major-party candidates to quiz them on their stance on issues that matter to Catholics. At least that’s supposed to be how it works. In reality, the questionnaire reflects the liberal sensibilities of the USCCB bureaucracy and reads like a liberal manifesto, providing cover for the reliably pro-abortion Democrat to say that he’s in line with the Catholic Church’s teachings.

  • More like the shrilling contusion!

    One thing I think that you can count on, not only for the USCCB but for the US Church as a whole, is that in four years many more of the aging liberal staff will be gone one way or another.  As there ranks thin, so will their influence.