Solutions to save schools

Solutions to save schools

Eileen McNamara is on her usual anti-Church riff, this time about the closing of parochial schools in Boston. She bemoans the loss of the schools and wonders if the archdiocese is trying to go out of the education business. I have a simpler question: How can we expect parents to continue to send their kids to private schools, while paying for public schools, too? If we allowed school choice, then all these fine parochial schools for which McNamara is mourning would be able to stay open. But then, that’s not allowed in the liberal ideology, is it? In reality, Eileen cares more about complaining about the Church than actually letting the Church do her work.

Besides, Eileen should be happy the schools are closing because it means kids won’t be “indoctrinated” in all those nasty Catholic dogmas she doesn’t like. Instead, they’ll get indoctrinated in liberal dogmas in the public schools.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli