So what’s new?

So what’s new?

As I’m way too deep in trying to get my deadline today, I’ll let others make the trenchant remarks. Here’s Phil Lawler’s take on what we’ve heard so far from the US bishops’ meeting:

At their annual meeting, the bishops told reporters that:

  • their new policies have effectively stopped sexual abuse

  • the media is exploiting the controversy

  • complaints about the bishops’ leadership are motivated by anti-Catholic bias

  • diocesan officials are fully cooperating with investigators

1. Are we talking about the Dallas meeting in June 2002, or the St. Louis meeting this week? 
2. What has changed?

Also, it’s nice to hear from Bob Bennett that the National Review Board doesn’t think the US bishops’ conference is a criminal organization.

“Let us now proceed with regular business. Everyone open up your briefing books to the document on liturgical dance.”