Slouching toward Sodom

Slouching toward Sodom

Here’s another sign of the decline of Catholic higher education. Boston College holds a Welcoming Mass for incoming freshman and only 25 show up, while the rest go see a show by self-described R-rated hypnotist Frank Santos.

“To be honest,” the peer minister said, “it may even be better for freshmen to go to the hypnotist. I think it helps them form the community that BC will eventually be for them, and that’s what we’re trying to do here too.”

Better to go to the hypnotist than go to Mass.

This peer minister also lauds the university’s decision to allow a gay-lesbian student group on campus as banning them for 10 years. “What critics see as distance, Tasman sees as inclusion. Instead of distancing itself from the Church, he sees the school as attempting to better extend its Jesuit traditions to the student body.” I see. How do you think the NAACP, and the black community at large, would feel about historically black Howard University allowing the formation of a Ku Klux Klan chapter on campus? Do you think they would buy it if they claimed they were trying to be inclusive?

What about the formation of a neo-Nazi chapter at Boston College? Can’t they try to embrace that different viewpoint?

In reality, the gay-lesbian group isn’t about including them in the college community in order to convert them and convince them of the Church’s teachings. You don’t need a gay-lesbian group for that. No, the purpose of the group is to convince others that there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.