Sister Joan reads the Bible

Sister Joan reads the Bible

Why does anyone even read the heterodox Sister Joan Chittister anymore? In her latest column for the National Catholic Reporter, she repeats the exultation by Catholics for a Free Choice that most bishops won’t refuse the Eucharist to a publicly pro-abortion politician. She muddles the Church’s teaching on respect for life, asking questions that have obvious answers in the Catechism and many recent documents of the magisterium. She does this because she doesn’t accept them or their authority.

  • I know I’m supposed to embrace humiliations in service to God (think Jesus and the Crown of Thorns) but MAN, I get SO embarrased when SISTERS, !!WOMEN!!, who should be trying to emulate +MARY+, write and promote heretical junk like heterodox Chittister. UGH! For the sake of His sorrowful Passion!!

  • Amarikidd, have you seen the feminist stuff that says “when we refer to God in the masculine we are telling women, who are made in the image and likeness OF God that they have no value and worth”. Baloney. It was us who gave birth to the Savior, and it is for us the Bride whom the Groom lays his life down for. Talk about being honored and revered.
    I digress…

    My original point comes from the end of Dom’s words. It never fails to amaze me how many circumventions and gymnastics people who reject Church teaching have to do.  Anything but admit the truth of the Church-which is grounded in intellegence, study, reason, logic, etc. (coupled with faith, obviously)

  • We must look to Mary, and the saints and saints-to-be, like Mother Theresa, for true womanly models – who love all human life…

  • Save us all from the “chat” of Chittister!!!
    She really needs our prayers.