Sexual misconduct in schools

Sexual misconduct in schools

Without diminishing the seriousness of the clergy sex-abuse scandal, I have to ask where is the outrage over a new report that says 1 in 10 children have been the victim of sexual misconduct in public schools?  That’s 4.5 million current schoolkids, not 45,000 over the last 50 years.

Okay, any minute now I expect to see lawsuits filed against school systems, charges of racketerring and collusion, long newspaper series, and questions about fundamental educational doctrine. Is it okay if we question teachers’ moral authority? Can we talk about criminal charges for administrators who shuffled abusers from school to school and school system to school system? Who wants to start a pressure group called Voice of the Educated and start handing out “teachers of integrity” awards while questioning educational orthodoxy?

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting. The NEA is a liberal bastion and the Church is the real enemy. Don’t count on it.

Seriously, the 30-month-and-counting enema of the Church has been a blessing in disguise because it allows us to get the rot and sin out into the light of day. But I don’t pretend for a moment that most of the media doing this have the Church’s best interests at heart, especially most of the anti-Catholic pundits gleefully using the Scandal as an excuse to undermine people’s faith and to question the Church’s teachings.