Sex and the City of God

Sex and the City of God

  • Mr. Berres quotes Fr. Michael Crosby, a Capuchin priest, spiritual director and author. The article makes it appear that Fr. Crosby is a diocesan priest of the archdiocese of Milwaukee.  He is a Franciscan Capuchin, which is why he is speaking at the gathering in Ft. Worth.  There are, no doubt, other reasons why he is speaking to that crowd, and if one is familiar with his work, one could rest assured that he preached to the choir, and they heard no words from him that would in the least bit challenge their “progressive” notions.

    Please forgive me, but I’ve read his books, and he led the most recent priests’ retreat here in the diocese of Kalamazoo.  Fr. Crosby would be a wonderful character on “That ‘70’s Show.”

  • These people are still on the lecture circuit, and a lot of Catholic personnel who schedule these things are still dumb about what goes on.  They cannot discriminate between ******** and what should go on at a retreat.

    I’m in the same diocese as you, and I’ve seen my share of crap also.  Thanks for the heads up on one to avoid.