Sex abuse in police departments

Sex abuse in police departments

Some teens involved in the Boy Scouts’ Explorer program at police stations report they have been sexually abused.

Hey, the media is covering this, too! If the media was intent on covering up every other kind of sex abuse but that in the Catholic Church, then we wouldn’t ever see these types of articles, would we? Besides, the main thing that made the Scandal as bad as it is was not the crime of sex abuse—we aren’t surprised that such things happen in a world of sinners in such a dysfunctional society—but that the bishops worked to cover it up and then placed the perverts back into circulation. Has there been a similar cover up in other institutions?

Anyway, I’ve asked several times over the past 18 months why no one is holding police officers, prosecutors, and judges responsible for the giving a free pass to pervert priests over the years. Just in Boston we’ve heard several stories about police who stumbled on a priest caught red-handed in a car or someplace with an underage boy and all they did was report it to the bishop, or they dropped the case after receiving a visit from someone from the archdiocese.

The rot doesn’t exist in the Church alone. It spreads throughout society and the Church is not immune.

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  • The abuse in public schools story that came out a week ago is the one that really needs visibility.