Seeking update on Fr. Altier

Seeking update on Fr. Altier

A reader sent me an email yesterday in which she said that Fr. Robert Altier, the priest who was ordered not to publish his homilies or appear in a regular radio show by Minneapolis Archbishop Harry Flynn, was “being moved out of the archdiocese” as is the pastor of his parish, Fr. Weizbacher, by June 17. She said this was announced at Mass yesterday morning. I wrote back to her asking for confirmation and details, but have received nothing in return.

One email on this from someone I don’t know is not a sufficient basis on which to make a judgment.

Are Altier and Weizbacher diocesan priests? If they are, then moving them out of the archdiocese is extremely unusual. Where are they being moved to? Has anyone else heard this firsthand?

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Domenico Bettinelli