Seeking update on Fr. Altier

Seeking update on Fr. Altier

A reader sent me an email yesterday in which she said that Fr. Robert Altier, the priest who was ordered not to publish his homilies or appear in a regular radio show by Minneapolis Archbishop Harry Flynn, was “being moved out of the archdiocese” as is the pastor of his parish, Fr. Weizbacher, by June 17. She said this was announced at Mass yesterday morning. I wrote back to her asking for confirmation and details, but have received nothing in return.

One email on this from someone I don’t know is not a sufficient basis on which to make a judgment.

Are Altier and Weizbacher diocesan priests? If they are, then moving them out of the archdiocese is extremely unusual. Where are they being moved to? Has anyone else heard this firsthand?

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  • If you go to you will see a section on the letters of support that this priest has received.  He has influenced so many people, there are converts, reverts, and regular Catholics wandering in the desert who have truly found an oasis of beautiful orthodox teaching from Fr. Altier.  It is truly sad how such a voice of truth can be silenced when it is so very, very much needed in these days.  Please continue to pray for this wonderful holy priest, that his voice can once again be heard far and wide.  May God grant it!

  • another view could be that obedience is an issue, and a potential schism is being addressed.

  • Magaret,

    Because it is always better to be on God’s side.  If my Bishop wants me to do something, I do it.  If he wants me to go to a particular assignment, I go.  I don’t ask question and I don’t go looking around in my diocese and say to my Bishop, “Fathers so and so are doing this, why are you doing this to me?”  I just do it because I know it is the right thing to do.

    After all, Jesus was obedient, even unto death, death on the Cross.

  • Father Ethan, With all due respect, your comments on obedience are most commendable.  The question seems to be why are the conservative priests the ones called to obdience by the Bishops and not the ones whose Masses look more like Prostestant services rather than Catholic Holy Masses, and whose teachings (or silences) leave us shaking our heads as we continue to wander through the desert, seeking the next oasis in these very troubling times.  Just wondering.  Even some of the First Holy Communions I have attended recently make me want to weep.  How watered down can we get!  It’s no wonder we rejoice when we find the Fr. Altiers of the world, and then they get snatched away.  And those of us whose souls have been fed by such teachings…are we to just continue to wander in silence?

  • I never said Fr. Altier was disobedient, but that it is better to be obedient regardless of whether or not the Bishop demands the same obedience from other priests.  This isn’t about fairness.  This is about always doing the right thing.

  • “It could be that the heterodox priests are being obedient as well.”

    What, have they been ordered to be heterodox???  I would think being heterodox, by definition, would mean being disobedient. (At least to magisterial teaching.)

  • Kate,

    As our beloved Pope John Paul II said, “Be not afraid.”  I would imagine you are familiar with Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, having been a St. Agnes parishioner for 13 years.  On his blog, he said he knows the two new priests that are coming to St. Agnes, and that the orthodoxy there should be in no danger.  I live in Iowa, but have been blessed to attend Mass at St. Agnes several times over the past few years while a good friend of mine has been in the seminary in St. Paul.  It is truly a beautiful parish, and I’m sure there is much sadness there.  However, try to follow Fr. Altier’s example of humble obedience.  I know this is not always easy to do, as I was upset at first by the news, too, and I’ve only been there as a visitor.  Anyway, here’s the link to Fr. Z’s blog.  Hope his post eases some of the anxieties you may have.  God bless.

  • Elizabeth,

    Are you suggesting Fr. Zuhlsdorf does not know the workings of the archdiocese?  I realize he is not assigned to the St. Paul archdiocese, but as this is where he entered the Church, and St. Agnes is his “home” away from home, and knows all the parties involved, I would think he has a pretty good grasp of the situation.  Nonetheless, having visited St. Agnes a few times, and having loved everything about it, you can be assured of my prayers for the parish.

  • Elizabeth,

    I’m not saying you are incorrect about Fr. McDonough being in charge for awhile at St. Agnes, but do you have some way, some link, to substantiate such a claim?  I would be interested to know how you came into such information, when most of the parishioners know nothing about it.