Saving Kerry

Saving Kerry

Kerry takes some hits from the Bush campaign and some of the press for several dumb gaffes recently, so the Boston Globe sticks for the native son in a front page story. It says Republicans circulated the story that Kerry took a “jab” at his Secret Service agent for making him fall down skiing the other day, and repeats without clarification that it was made in “jest.” Kerry called the guy a curse word. Even if it was in jest, is that supposed to be more acceptable. And it wasn’t Republicans spreading the news, it was the reporters and cameramen on the slopes with him.

By the way, where are the pictures of Kerry falling down? When Bush fell off his Segway, the picture was all over the Net in hours showing, as one blogger put it, that the Segway isn’t “idiot-proof.” It seems the press has more deference to Kerry, since showing him falling down skiing might hurt the image he’s trying to acquire of the vigorous man of action: skiing, snowboarding, mountainbiking, snowshoeing, windsurfing, and so on.

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  • Let us be thankful, that the Boston Glub has little influence outside of this Kerry stronghold.