Sash-ayers don’t like Benedict

Sash-ayers don’t like Benedict

The Rainbow Sash Movement, the group of self-proclaimed gay activists who protest Church teaching during Mass, have decided they don’t like Pope Benedict either. Big surprise. So they’re planning a big protest on Pentecost Sunday, May 15, in churches across the country against what they call homophobia in the Church, and what we call the clearly delineated will of God in His unchangeable teaching and the charitable preaching of that Word to those who are in darkness.

I wonder which bishops and priests will have the intestinal fortitude (isn’t fortitude a gift of the Holy Spirit?) to stand up to those who want to make the Mass into their own platform for protest?

  • I’m going to have to drive to another city for Pentacost.  Which it’s nice of them to disrupt for the rest of us.

  • Sashers choice of churchs are always the Cathedrals of the region, from what I understand.

    I know for sure they will be in Chicago (where Cardinal George has made a policy of denial of Communion to anyone wearing a Sash) and in my own city of St. Paul, MN—no word yet from our Archbishop Flynn as to whether or not he will deny them Communion this year, he always has allowed them to receive in the past, but rumor has it that this may change this year (and that was from before Benedict XVI was named pope).


  • “Sashers choice of churchs are always the Cathedrals of the region…”

    Well they *are* the largest and most tastefully appointed buildings – where else would a self regarding Sasher sash-ey?