San Francisco

San Francisco

So I’m in San Francisco. I spent all day on an airplane with a brief stopover in Las Vegas. The check-in offered me an upgrade to First Class for $200, and I was seriously tempted. I had a middle seat and for a big guy like me that’s torture.

The in-flight movie was “Fever Pitch,” which was a cute movie for a Red Sox fan. There were some funny inside jokes for fans, but I’m not sure anyone else but perhaps Cubs fans would enjoy it as much.

It is nice to see everyone at Ignatius Press and there are some new faces here since the last time I was in town. The press’s offices themselves are unassuming for the headquarters of Pope Benedict’s American publisher. It’s actually a converted house about 100 yards away from St. Ignatius Church, the huge church connected to the University of San Francisco. It’s a beautiful church in which some funky liturgies go on. But there is a nice Carmelite chapel across the street that should be nice for Mass.

I took a few buses downtown to Fisherman’s Wharf for a whole crab, some chowder in a bread bowl, a few oysters, and a nice glass of California merlot. Then I walked around a bit, picked up some souvenirs for Melanie, and had an ice cream. It was fun to see the human show going on all about.

Then it was back to where I’m staying where jet lag is catching up to me. I should have some pictures to post when I get back (I forgot the correct cable at home). I’ve been looking for St. Francis in public places in the city. Not a whole lot so far, but a few.

Whatever the politics and prevailing spirit of San Francisco it is a generally beautiful environment though. Lots of parks and pretty vistas, especially at sunset. I hope to head down to the beach tomorrow night to see my first sunset over the ocean.

I hope that tomorrow I can blog a few news items. I’ve got a buffer of things building up, but if I wait too long they get too old and there’s no sense blogging about them then. Anyway, enough rambling.

To bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.