Same-sex marriage rooted in the Pill

Same-sex marriage rooted in the Pill

Donald Sensing, writing in Opinion Journal, says that same-sex marriage is not going to cause the degeneration of marriage, but is the result of it. In fact, he traces the root to the legalization of the contraceptive Pill 40 years ago. He’s right and Pope Paul VI said the very same thing in Humanae Vitae. The Pill was also the root of abortion.

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  • Todd if you’d bother reading what Sensing wrote in the article than cast aspersions at me, you’d see that I didn’t take the quote out of context and I was not casting aspersions on marriage.

    I even provide the link for you, but I guess you don’t want to bother with that when you can take swipes at me.

    And Sensing’s not Catholic as I clearly say that the end. Or was that another swipe at me?