Saint Joan

Saint Joan

Last week, USA Today provided a profile of “Saint” Joan Chittister, the heterodox and dissenting nun who has more than once been sanctioned by the Church for her views. Right off the bat, you see the contradiction of reality: “For Sister Joan Chittister, defiance is a form of obedience.” And that says it all, doesn’t it? Defiance is not obedience, and all your self-justifications cannot make it so.

Yet she also was shaped by “three great streams of change: Vatican II, Vietnam and the women’s movement.

This is nothing less than evidence of how Chittister represents a declining generation of aging hippies and Sixties radicals. In the end, we’re treated to the living canonization of Chittister as a progessive saint. I’m left wondering if a profile of Fr. Joseph Fessio or some other identifiably orthodox person would have the same fawning, uncritical treatment.

  • I find it hard to understand how those who protested the Vietnam War are so proud of that accomplishment.  Their narrow focus and blinders to wide spread suffering is a disgrace. 

    I live in the area of the US with a large Vietnamese population and many of my neighbors, fellow parishoners, and coworkers with roots in Vietnam endure horrible oppression after the fall of Saigon.

    Where were the peace & love niks in 1975 when millions of Vietnamese were being brutalized?  Where were they when the boat people needed assistance?  And when the oppression spread, when were they when the Cambodians were facing the horror of the killing fields?

  • More of the same from a predictable source….blah. Very self-serving article. I loved the bit about adding change to the Rule of Benedict. Hysterical! Exposed for the frauds they are.

    Someone should tell Sister of Cardinal Arinze’s comment in the above thread regarding women’s ordination: it ain’t gonna (validly) happen. Ever! By any future Pope! So what’s next on the ‘dialogue’ front?