Sacrificed to the higher cause

Sacrificed to the higher cause

Genevieve Kineke at “feminine genius” compares what we would think would be two opposing ideologies—Western radical feminism and Islamic fundamentalism—and shows how much they actually have in common, namely the sacrificing of children to a “high cause.”

But another angle has presented itself in a stark way: the way that children pay the price for their mother’s mistakes. Obviously, we’ve seen over the last thirty years a lot of confusion over abortion—and defenders claim that it’s an essential choice which must be available for women who are faced with children they cannot raise. Or children who are ... inconvenient. Or who must be sacrificed for a Higher Cause.

Interestingly, this idea of sacrificing children to a noble cause is not only on the side of the “pro choice” movement in the West, but it’s to be found in the Islamic world as well. Many have seen the pictures of children dressed as suicide bombers, just as western children would dress as Woody or Spiderman. Trading cards with “martyr-heroes” are offered to children, and their neighbours who die in such circumstances are praised as virtuous.

She then recounts the news report that one of the terror suspects arrested in Britain in the 8/16 plane plot was actually a man and his wife who were going to sneak onto one of the planes carrying liquid explosives in their baby’s bottle and then kill all three of themselves to take down the plane. But is that any different, really, from the woman who decides she must abort one of her two unborn children because she doesn’t want to be “that” mom buying mayonnaise in bulk from the warehouse store? Both show a completely callous disregard for even the most innocent life among us.

“It may be beyond belief, but we are convinced that there are now women in Britain who are prepared to die with their babies for their twisted cause,” a security adviser to the British government told The Times of London. “They are ruthless, single-minded and totally committed.”

Ah yes, we know the sort. Over here, they’re teaching Women’s Studies on college campuses, working in the local Planned Parenthood offices, and working feverishly in editorial offices in NYC.

That is a very strong statement bound to get people up in arms. But how true it is.

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