Rod’s difficult situation

Rod’s difficult situation

  • Rod, I’ve read about this, including your comments, on Mark Shea’s blog. Keep your chin up. The facts will flush out. And thanks for your work. The people will no longer follow as sheep when it comes to priestly assignments and priestly investigations. 

  • I thnk Mr. Dreher did a good thing. At the very least this priest lied. Why would he lie? What about the pastor who let him work without following proper procedures? Why did he skirt the sytem?

  • The pastor says he has a letter from Bp. Timlin authorizing the priest’s ministry (his statement is posted at Mark’s.)  Does this mean that the Scranton diocese first cleared Fr. Clay and is now reversing itself?

  • RC is right. What’s rotten in Denmark is in the chanceries, either in Scranton or Fort Worth. The DMN reporter (and Rod) were either misled by a diocese before, or a diocese is misleading the public now.

    I feel badly for Father Clay if he is innocent of any sexual misconduct, but it is clear that somebody somewhere was doing something not by the book for his benefit. And after 2002, even innocent priests (tragically) will not get the benefit of the doubt in these kinds of matters, especially where they’re not coming clean with parishioners (Rod/Rachel) or trying to stonewall reporters into dropping a story (Susan Hogan/Albach of the DMN).

  • I don’t want any priest coming to our parish without an independent background check (and many parents here agree with me).  Statements from church officials, bishops, pastors, attesting to any priest’s ‘worthiness’ are worth less than used toilet paper.

    You trust, and your kids may be in danger.  You love your kids, you check out the priest independently.

    Since Church officials don’t love kids enough to protect them, it is up to us parents to do so.

  • Father Allan Hawkins’ story has been corroborated today by Bishop James Timlin, who recounts how he did indeed offer Father Clay a position as parish curate. Father Clay was rattled after all the pressure and asked permission to live in his hometown of Dallas for a time until he was ready to return to active ministry.

    Last April he received a letter from the Scranton chancery asking if he were ready to return to parish ministry. Then, unbelievably, last week they issue a press release declaring that Father Clay had no right to exercise ministry!

    A HUGE part of ths story is apparently the Scranton chancery!

  • Sinner,You have the right idea; as the Gipper once said:“Trust but verify.” Too bad,but true.