Riddle me this

Riddle me this

What do members of the US bishops’ National Review Board and members of Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley’s new parish closing review commission have in common?

I’ll let you know this week.

  • There’s a great sound bite (I think Laura Ingraham plays it) of Joe Biden saying “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”.

    This was Kerry’s play for the ex-altar boy vote.

    Seriously, his whole Catholic appeal is so totally insincere how can anyone be buying it.  It’s embarassing to listen to.  He’s an elitist phony.  For him, the Global War on Terror can be transformed into a nuisance by the power of his will.

  • Let1; or to keep the Church’s tax exempt status unjeapordized.  Is this what Christ was about?

    Didn’t Christ say in terms somewhat, “the lukewarm I will vomit you out of my mouth”?

  • Funny how a Roman Catholic can run for president, support partial birth abortion on television to millions of viewers and not get even a peep from his Bishop.

    Maybe the Bishop from Kerry’s diocese supports his views, so the Bishop feels there’s no need for a correction.

    I’m sure there are non-Catholics who are confused about all this.

    Could you imagine a Jewish candidate saying how he loves to suck down pork? And not get a peep from a local Rabbai?

  • Once, there was something truly special about being an “altar boy”.  It was not something that just anyone could do or had a desire to do – unlike today when there is nothing particularly difficult about it.

    Prior to the Second Vatican Council and the reform of the Mass, it took diligent study to be a server at Mass.  We were not permitted to have “cheat” cards,  we had to learn ALL of the responses in Latin and the dialogue of the priest indicating when we were to respond.  It was no easy task, and many gave up trying because of the time and effort required. 

    If Kerry was, in fact, an altar boy, and I must confess that I am skeptical of his assertion, it bears no significance whatsoever to his candidacy today – especially considering his rejection and repudiation of the Faith. 

    In a manner similar to his vilification of his fellow soldiers serving in Vietnam, he casts a shadow over all those who served at the Altar of God.  He does likewise to good and faithful Catholics everytime he professes to be a Catholic.

    He is a pitiable man in need of our prayers for his conversion.

  • Brian:  Well put, sir!  But when we look at the state of England after Henry VIII’s break with the Pope, we have a clearer idea of why many of our prelates act like diplomatic mice.  Christ doesn’t count.  Retention of privileges does.

  • To those who believe that Absp. Chaput is a “soldier for Christ,” I cite the following from Roman Catholic Faithful, a conservative organization dedicated to episcopal accountability (and in no way affiliated with VOTF):

    “The Most Reverend Charles Chaput, then the Bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, wrote to me following a recitation of these (and other) facts appeared in The Wanderer in early 1995. He said that while I had been truthful in what I reported, he believed that it was counterproductive to have reported the facts. Cardinal Law, he said, had done so much good that it was not right to put into question his judgment as strongly as I had. It appears as though the facts I recited were simply the tip of the iceberg concerning Cardinal Law

    Altar boys are the garden from where future priest will come.  After all, that is one of the arguements against altar girls.

    If John Kerry was really an Atar boy, Charles Gibson might have asked him to recite the ” Confiteor”.  I still remember it, and as smart as John Kerry is, he should too.  My eight year old son knows it.