RICO suit against bishops

RICO suit against bishops

A former seminarian is suing the Diocese of Tuscon, its former bishops, Bishop Wilton Gregory, and other bishops under the federal racketeering laws. Philip Hower is filing his lawsuit under the RICO law to claim he was “fired”, i.e. dismissed from the seminary, because he was a “whistleblower” and was subsequently “blackballed” from ordination. Hower said that when he complained about the “extracurricular” activity of the pastor of the parish where he was assigned as a seminarian for the Harrisburg diocese in Penn., then-Bishop William Keeler (now of Baltimore) ordered him expelled from the seminary and diocese. He claims that when he contacted the Tucson diocese about being ordained there, Harrisburg said he should be prevented from being ordained “by any means available.”

  • I get really mad when I read stories like this!  Just as I did in reading some of the instances in Michael S. Rosent_author>
    2004-07-26 08:45:05
    2004-07-26 12:45:05
    It’s time we got some decent bishops who aren’t afraid to cultivate virtue and refuse to put up with vice in our institutions.

    If they won’t of their own accord, then we have to convince them, even force them, to be accountable.