Reverential Masses

Reverential Masses

There’s no news concerning the Pope. Despite certain media reports, he is not dead as of this posting.

Meanwhile, I wanted to point out some good news from the Diocese of Charlotte, where Bishop Peter Jugis has implemented the changes to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, in accord with what many of us would say is the most reverential matters.

Among other things he has decreed that any alterations to the sancruary of a church require his approval; the tabernacle should be located in the sanctuary, apart from the main altar and not be made of transparent material; a crucifix should be place prominently near the altar; all churches and chapels are to have kneelers; the words of prayers, responses, and readings should not be altered; no liturgical dance; no music during prayers by the presider; all sacred vessels should be made of precious metal; everyone should kneel during the Eucharistic Prayer; no hand holding during the Our Father; a Communion plate should be used to avoid fragments of the sacred host hitting the floor; and so on.

Taken all together it’s a very impressive list. If he backs it up with disciplining of priests who disobey, the celebration of the Eucharist in Charlotte will be very impressive indeed.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli