Religious apologia for abortion

Religious apologia for abortion

Daniel Vitz notes a pro-abortion religious group has released a film that clams to “explore the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faith traditions that support” abortion. In other words, it pushes pro-abortion propaganda by twisting legitimate faith traditions (dogmas and doctrines) in order to manufacture a right to abortion that salves the consciences of pro-abortion Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

“The president of the Board of Directors of The Religious Consultation is Daniel C. Maguire, a Professor of Moral Theology at Marquette University. The Religious Consultation is an international, multi-faith network of progressive feminist religious scholars.”

For those who have forgotten, Marquette is a Catholic Jesuit University. Maguire teaches in the Moral Theology Department!?!?!?! I would be disturbed no matter what department he taught in, but as Ralph McInerny has said, “Theology is not just another academic discipline. It can be meaningfully engaged in only by one who believes.”

Mark me down as not surprised that either Maguire or a Jesuit university is involved.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli