Red Sox talk

Red Sox talk

Today is the trading deadline for Major League Baseball and local radio is reporting that the Red Sox have traded utility infielder Freddie Sanchez to Pittsburgh for starter Jeff Suppan and boomerang reliever Brandon Lyon. That’s good news.

Considering that Ramiro Mendoza has been a disappointment as a starter (last night’s loss against the Rangers may have been his last start), adding Suppan (10-7 this year) should be a boost. And taking Lyon back (they traded him to Pittsburgh earlier this month) ends his potential problem. As soon as he showed up in Pittsburgh he complained he couldn’t pitch and went on the disabled list. That left the Pirates complaining that they got shafted in the deal and could have ended up in arbitration. This way, they avoid that unpleasantness and get a starter as well.

One report says we get minor-league pitcher Anastacio Martinez back as well (who was also given up in the earlier trade) and give up minor-league lefthander Mike Gonzalez.

So now, it looks like the Sox have gone from the worst bullpen in the AL to one of the best. Williamson is the setup guy who can throw some strikes in the 7th and 8th inning, Byung-Hyung Kim stays as the closer, Mendoza is a long-reliever, and Suppan shores up the starting rotation.

Dare I hope that we won’t experience an August slide?

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