Re-using the churches

Re-using the churches

This wire story says that when the closed churches in Boston are sold off, they will be sold for big bucks after being converted to condos. I’m skeptical. I think the trendiness will quickly fade after the first few conversions. How many church-condos are people willing to buy? There’s got to be a limited market of people willing to buy such units.

On the other hand, I expect the rectories to quickly convert and sell. Most rectories over a certain age are very large buildings, built to house a half-dozen priests at least. Our own parish of immaculate Conception in Salem would make at least four very nice condos and eight smaller ones. (The pastor and I speculated on it once.) I expect that apart from the rectories, many of the churches will be torn down for new uses, unless of course certain towns go ahead with their punitive re-zoning plans , in which they will lie empty and unused, dragging down their neighborhoods as they decay.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli