Re-evaluating the Dallas policy

Re-evaluating the Dallas policy

A joint American-Vatican commission is re-evaluating the Dallas Charter for the Protection of Kids from Perverts or whatever they called it. They had planned to look back after two years to see how it’s working out.

Not too well, in my opinion. The main problem with the policy is that it can’t deal with the underlying problem of the Scandal: bishops who covered up for or just shuffled about priests who engaged in sexual abuse or otherwise violated their vows. The charter, in only dealing with the priests who have abused, approaches only the surface of the problem. Yet no policy approved by a national bishops’ conference or even a dicastery of the Vatican can bring the necessary heat to bear on a wayward bishop. Only the Pope himself (assisted by certain dicasteries, to be sure) can deal with them.

They can re-evaluate the charter all they want, tinker with it, water it down, and so on, but it really has little do with solving the problem it’s aimed at.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli