Racism at NASCAR (not what you think)

Racism at NASCAR (not what you think)

It’s a hoary old cliche that NASCAR is full of rednecks and bigots. Oh sure, there’s a few in there, but then you’ll find racists in any sport. Nevertheless, you’d think that NASCAR would want to distance itself from racists remarks at a conference it’s sponsoring, but that’s what they got:

“One thing I know, negroes can drive cars fast,” Jackson said to laughter. “I mean, we go through red lights, even [drive] at night with our lights off. We can drive cars fast,” he asserted from the podium.

That’s right, someone actually said that. Pretty soon there will be pickets and public denunciations and apologies and offerings to bribe Jesse Jackson to call off the protests… Oh wait, it was Jesse Jackson who said it. In that case, no big deal, right? After all, when a racist comment comes from a black person it’s one thing, but if it comes from a white person, then the world is ending.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli