Questions about Kerry’s service

Questions about Kerry’s service

Lane Core blogs a couple of articles that ask some interesting questions about John Kerry’s service in Vietnam, including the suspicious circumstances of receiving all those medals so quickly, and why some of the incidents sound fishy to guys who were there.

This should get the same proctology treatment that Bush’s National Guard service got, but it won’t. Instead, Democrats will stamp their feet about the questioning of patriotism (as if they don’t do that every day with Bush) and putting the divisiveness of Vietnam behind us (even as Kerry makes sure everyone in America knows that he served there.)

  • Yes it has a very good ring of the truth to it. I have seen other reports of his time in the senate as head of the MIA committee the make you raise a eyebrow or two if you read the info out there about his “service” to the country then too. From our voices to God’s ears I pray that he does not win or we are in for more trouble than we can shake a stick at. The agenda will really come out of the closet then if he wins.

  • Dave that might be true but with all the other “fishy” things he has been involved with when do you say all right he’s not honorable or will not stand true to his values ?  I mean check out the things he is accused of doing in the MIA committee. If you throw enough dirt around then you are bound to find the truth and when there is as much dirt flying around in this case as there is here I’m inclined to believe that some of the dirt is true especially when I see it from respectable sources. I’m not saying that Kerry did all of the problems with the MIA info but it’s just “coincidental” for me that it just happened under his watch, especially given his record of how he has stood in other things relating to Vietnam.