I heard that this site is mentioned in an article in the next issue of Crisis magazine. I haven’t seen the article (and if anyone can provide me with the text, I’d appreciate it), but I fear the consequences of national exposure. Specifically, I hope it doesn’t bring my server to its knees.

Actually, I’m more worried about summer thunderstorms knocking out power. We’re due for some today, so if you can’t get us, try back later.

  • Mark Shea, the author, sent me a copy. Very well done.

    Blogger isn’t actually down, but they’re all very slow loading right now. I suspect it would be even worse on a dial-up connection and some browsers will give a “time-out” sort of error message. Until Google/Blogger gets its act together, I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done.

  • I probably said this before, Dom, but the way you shorten the articles—you know what I mean, “read entire article”—makes your site far easier to load than it used to be. (I have a dial-up account but will, God willing, be switching to Comcast very soon.)

    Long as I’m here, you know what takes a long time to load on blogs in general? Those darned “counter” things. What’s with them, anyway? I can see if one is selling ad space, but otherwise I feel about them same as I feel about the “Sign o’ Peace”—lose ‘em! wink

    Kelly <———who wanted to drop a dime on Mark Shea but sees she’s been beat to the punch

  • The reason the counters and comments on so many sites take so long to load is because they are hitting another server, which is oftentimes overloaded with people using their free service.

    The counter is a nice way to keep track of who’s coming to your site, where they’re coming from, who links to you and the like. It can actually be very useful. I don’t really need the external one on my site ( because I run my own server and its internal stats keep track.